What's going on here?

In short, if I don't make some changes quickly I reckon' I will shuffle off this mortal plane soon. So below are the key indicators I'm focusing on to show my health improving, and the blog explains all about how I'm going to do it, how it's going, how I'm feeling - you know... all that mushy stuff.
The most outwardly obvious sign of my unhealthy temple. Starting at 114.7kg, want to get <90.2kg.
Really don't want to go on statins!   Starting at 4.2 mmol/l, want to get <4.
Blood pressure
Okay - pretty sure my heart is going to explode. Starting at 146/109- would like it around 130/80.

How's it going?

Blood Pressure

The blog

So how's it going day-to-day?  Check out the blog to find out.
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Kilos lost
Cholesterol points lost
Days fasted