So, it’s been over a year since I started this blog, and I’d like to tell you about everything that’s changed over that year…

fuck all.

I’m so embarrassed but very little has changed. We were actually doing quite well and then we went on an epic European Road Trip (11 countries, 3,005 miles, 23 days). The trip was uh-mazing, but we also just kind of ate whatever we felt comfortable with, or thought would be interesting to try… not to mention what was easy to pack and prepare whilst camping. So during that trip we fell off the wagon but it was okay because we were out in the sun, clocking tons of steps each day. We actually lost a little bit of weight and felt great on the trip.

Probably the only photo you’ll see of me on this blog…

But when we got back we continued with the crap diet, stopped meditating and slotted back into our sedentary lifestyle.

We definitely eat less meat than we did before considering this type of lifestyle, but it’s still abysmal. And I’m still holding tight to the statistics (weight, etc) I posted over a year ago. *sigh*

OH! One thing has changed. I’m now on blood pressure medication. So, you know, that’s totally awesome.

But today is a new day! I’m feeling inspired to really dive back into this.

Have recently started listening to the Deliciously Ella podcast and we’re going to try out the Clean Food Dirty Girl meal plan.

I feel like I should say, ‘wish me luck’ or ‘fingers crossed’ but the responsibility for this lays squarely with myself. So I guess I’ll stick with ‘Watch this space!’

 Photo by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash
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